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A bear and the nest of wasps is the first scenario in the campaign Afghanistan 1980 - The Invasion. In the mission components of the Soviet 40th Army raid a village controlled by the mujahideen.

Campaign progression
Next Mission (win): Night watch
Next Mission (lose): Trapped in a valley
Previous Mission: N/A


Enemy Forces

In the winter of 1980 the rebels increased their activity along the road from Kabul to Termez. This vital supply route connecting our troops to the Motherland is particularly vulnerable in the area of Salang pass, leading to the bottleneck of Salang tunnel. After many vicious attacks on convoys and military columns, it was decided to assign our motorized rifle regiment to guard the area.

Friendly Forces

Your BMP-mounted motorized rifle company, being a part of a battalion restructured as a raiding detachment, takes part in a search and destroy operation in the direction of the city of Bamian. Your current orders involve capturing and combing the village of Ghorband, most likely hosting a band of rebels. The company is reinforced with an engineer squad and may rely on the support of self-propelled artillery battery assigned to the battalion.

Terrain and Weather

Ghorband is a small walled mountain village surrounded with the fields of crop. The weather is clear, temperature cool and the medium-strength wind blows from southeast.

The briefing maps for the mission


Your assignment is to comb the village for any opposition inside. The mujahideen are inferior in both numbers and equipment, and are likely to run for their lives at the first sign of your approach.

Commander's Intent

Destroying or capturing the hostile forces is your primary mission. There will be precious little time before the rebel forces disappear in the countryside. Make sure to keep the casualties low, however, and remember the blind pursue may result with an ambush.

Basic Plan

You are suggested to surround the village first, securing the four gates in the village walls, then proceed to search and destroy the rebels. The mosque is likely to serve as enemy headquarters, so it should be occupied first.


  • Occupy North Gate
  • Occupy East Gate
  • Occupy South Gate
  • Occupy West Gate
  • Occupy Mosque

The village of Ghorband and the immediate surroundings

Your forces[]

  • A Company, 1st Battalion [Mech Infantry, BMP, early]
    • Company HQ
    • Command Squad
    • BMP-1
      • 1st Platoon
        • Platoon HQ
        • 3x Rifle Squad
        • Machinegun Team
        • Sniper Team
        • 3x BMP-1
      • 2nd Platoon
        • Platoon HQ
        • 3x Rifle Squad
        • Machinegun Team
        • Sniper Team
        • 3x BMP-1
      • 3rd Platoon
        • Platoon HQ
        • 3x Rifle Squad
        • Machinegun Team
        • Sniper Team
        • 3x BMP-1
      • 4th Platoon
        • Platoon HQ
        • 1st Section
        • 2nd Section
        • 2x BMP-1
  • 2nd Platoon [Engineer, BTR, separate]