Combat Mission Wiki

In CMx2, an action spot is the quantum of location for move commands and area fire. Action spots are also called map squares, grid squares, or just squares; however BF themselves use "action spots" so that is what this wiki uses. Action spots are each 8x8 meters; each spot is arranged in a grid so that collectively they tile the map. (The similar item in CMx1 is called a "tile".)

Although each man is individually placed within an action spot, the infantry unit as a whole is considered to be "in" just that spot. (The quantum of location for individual men is not known.) Men will move around within the action spot to get good positions, but they will not leave the unit's action spot.

The player will notice action spots in two main ways. First, all waypoints given in move commands sit exactly centered in an action spot. Second, all area fire must be aimed at the center of an action spot; even when you click on a particular location, the order itself will snap to the nearest action spot -- often somewhat unexpectedly.

Other uses of action spots are these:

  • All terrain is situated in ways aligned with action spots. Ground terrain is considered to fill the action spot. Linear terrain (like hedgerows) can only be in the action spot in certain ways: from the center to one of the four corners or the four locations midway on an edge.
  • Teams from a unit will automatically recombine when they occupy the same action spot, and have no further move orders.
  • Victory and exit locations are whole action spots.
  • Men will perform buddy aid only for casualties located in their unit's action spot.