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Air Warfare is the ffifth scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder. It was preceded by Route Lightning and is followed by Dar al Abid as Sud. In this mission Task Force Thunder has to secure an airfield and neutralize some SAM sites.

Your force replenishment after this mission:
Refit Repair Vehicle Resupply Rest
0 0 0 100


The briefing here is like it is in Shock Force 2, the upgraded version of the original game.


1600 JUNE 21, 2008


After spending the better part of 24 hours in maneuver and preparation, the assault on the crossroads town of Dar al Abid as Sud has begun. A previously undetected cluster of Syrian MANPADS in the vicinity of the local airfield has driven away our rotary wing air support. This has the potential to foul up our advance into the town, so your reserves have been dispatched to quickly take care of the problem.


Your main priority is to locate and destroy any MANPADS (ground-to-air missile launchers) located within the airfield. Your secondary priority is to destroy any enemy forces encountered. This is a raid: taking ground objectives is not important. Kill everyone you find, spike the launchers, and get out of there.

The briefing maps for the mission

Friendly Forces

Your command half of C Company (Stryker), led by the company XO. The other half of C Company is engaged with the attack on the town further south. One section of 120mm mortars from a nearby unit has been tasked to assist your mission.

Enemy Forces

A UAV flyby was quickly driven off by small arms fire, but was able to determine that there is a trench network by the tarmac, and that there are no armored vehicles in the area.


We do not know the exact nature of the forces near the airstrip, only that they are light infantry. Perform a thorough sweep and clear, take advantage of the fact that you have small arms-proof (sic) Strykers with heavy weapons, and they do not.


RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: No civilian presence, weapons use is unrestricted.

Overview of the airfield


  • Destroy SA-18 SAMs
  • Destroy Enemy Forces

Tips for the scenario[]

  • No tips at this time.