Ash Shammas maps.

Breaktrough at the Berm is the second scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder if you WON the first one. It is followed by Route Lightning (if you win) or High Points Low Points (if you lose). In the mission Task Force Thunder tries to gain control of an airfield near Ash Shammas.


Enemy Forces

The airbase at Ash Shammas has been heavily pounded. Regular Syrian Army units have abandoned the base. However, over-flys have spotted irregular units at the base, and the Special Forces Headquarters are definitely defended by experienced units.

Friendly Forces

You have a full company of Stryker infantry with MGS, backed by mortar support and an anti-tank section of Strykers. You have out paced the artillery, so do not expect any support on that side. We do expect some air cover.

Terrain and Weather

Hot and Windy, the base at Ash Shammas has been pounded from cruise missile and aircraft attack. Regular Syrian units have withdrawn, but irregular forces have moved in. Expect a full company of of experienced Special Forces to be defending their HQ.


Check the barracks and Airbase Headquarters for any intelligence. Destroy the special forces building after searching it if possible. If not, destroy the building itself.

Commander's Intent

Choices are yours, a direct assault trough the gates, or create your own breach. With irregular forces, expect the unexpected.

Basic plan

Ash Shammas airbase

Overview of the Ash Shammas airbase.

Have 1st platoon secure the airbase headquarters, while 2nd platoon secures the barracks. Keep 3rd platoon as a mobile reserve. Once secure, use all forces to secure the Special Forces building before destroying it.

Tips for the scenarioEdit

  • Unconventionals have IED's
  • The Special Forces are a tough nut to crack, but you do have plenty of firepower at your disposal
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