Bradley era

M2A3 Bradley with ERA blocks in Syria, 2008

The Bradley IFV is a heavily armed and armored vehicle designed to support dismounted infantry directly. It is capable of protecting infantry from light to medium fire and is able to overcome most of the treats it might encounter. Bradley's are usually found together with M1 Abrams tanks to add versatility to the battle group. Bradley IFV's can be fitted with different equipment to meet different missions. It can take on any Syrian IFV with no problem maybe except for BMP-3 . Bradley IFV can be found in the games Combat Mission: Shock Force and Combat Mission: Black Sea.

Technical informationEdit

  • 25mm Bushmaster autocannon
  • Coaxial 7.62mm MG
  • TOW-2 ATGM (M2A3/M3A3)
  • Spaced laminate armor
  • Explosive reactive armor blocks
  • Diesel engine
  • Weighs 30.4 tons
  • Ammo:
    • Bradley with INF

      M3A3 Bradley CFV equipped with ERA and APS on a scouting mission in Ukraine, 2017

      25mm HE-I (690 rounds)
    • 25mm APFSDS (210 rounds)
    • 7.62mm (2k rounds)
    • TOW-2 T-HEAT (5 missiles) (M2A3) / (12 missiles) (M3A3)
  • Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
  • Passengers: 9 (M2A3) / 4 (M3A3) / 1 (M7A3)

 Variants in the gameEdit

Base game (CMSF):

  • M2A3 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle): The base variant used in heavy infantry formations. Versatile vehicle which can take on light and heavy vehicles alike.
  • M3A3 CFV (Cavalry Fighting Vehicle): Recon variant with extra communications equipment and missiles. Can carry less passengers than M2A3. The M3A3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle is identical to the M2A3 Bradley IFV in terms of its outward appearance, weaponry, and armor. However, its mission is to gather information and to provide support for specialized M707 Scout Humvees, not get into the thick of fighting with tanks and infantry.
  • M7A3 B-FIST (Bradley Fire Support Team): The most specialized version of Bradley in Combat Mission is the M7A3 B-FIST. Its role is to provide the Mechanized Infantry and Armored Companies with advanced fire support capabilities. This is achieved by cramming the Bradley full of advanced communications and fire control systems without sacrificing its basic ability to operate alongside other Bradleys and Abrams units

Base game (CMBS):

  • M2A3 IFV (APS):
  • M2A3 IFV (ERA):
  • M3A3 CFV (APS):
  • M3A3 CFV (ERA):
  • M7A3 B-FIST (APS):
  • M7A3 B-FIST (ERA):


  • Combat Mission: Shock Force game manual v1.20
  • Combat Mission: Black Sea manual
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