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Breaktrough at the Berm is the first scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder. It is followed by Ash Shammas (if you win) or Following the Wadi (if you lose). In the mission Task Force Thunder has to break trough the border defended by Syrian reserve unit.


Enemy Forces

Enemy forces in the area consist of static T-55s and a Battalion of Border Troops dug in along a defensive line with a desert fort defending the road approach.

Friendly Forces

You have 2 platoons of Strykers, with MGS (Mobile Gun System) support. A platoon of Abrams tanks will lead the attack. You have priority for artillery support for the area AFTER their counter-battery assignments are complete. You may have the third platoon available if more infantry is needed.

Terrain and Weather

A night assault in the open area west of the border Berm. Light winds out of the west, with clear skies.


Your mission is to destroy the enemy forces in the area. We expect you to destroy at least 75% of enemy forces. Secondary objective is the capture of the barracks building in the fort.

Commander's Intent

We will conduct a night operation with the destruction of enemy units as the priority. Capture the fort with minimal losses by the use of maximum firepower.

Basic plan

Lead with your Abrams and destroy the dug in tanks. Artillery began to hit the fort earlier to silence enemy artillery spotted in the location, making it the priority target. You will have priority in the sector for artillery support once the counter-battery mission is completed. Follow-up with your Stryker company and destroy any remaining infantry and capture the barracks building in the fort.

Tips for the scenarioEdit

  • This is pretty easy mission as you have the advantage of better equipment and support. The Syrians outnumber you, but that doesn't matter. Just take it slow, you have all the time in the world.
  • Taking the Javelin launchers from the Strykers and putting the two man AT-squads on top of the Berm is very effective tactic in taking out the immobile T-55s! Just remember to order them to hide after each launch.
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