British army is present in many Battlefront games. It is depicted mainly during World War 2 and modern times in the games. It is a smaller army with good equipment. It can be described as more specialized with it's strengths and weaknesses. It usually fights alongside the US Army and US Marines.

World War 2Edit

British forces

British infantry passing by Churchill VI somewhere in France, 1944

British Army is depicted in the following games during World War 2:

Modern settingEdit


British troops patrolling the desert in Syria, 2008

British Army is depicted in the following games during modern times:

Service Branches Edit

Combat Mission: Shock Force British Forces:

  • Armoured Infantry
  • Mechanized Infantry
  • Light Infantry
  • Armoured Regiment
Sherman and carriers

Sherman II and a couple of Universal Carriers in Italy, 1943

Combat Mission: Batte for Normandy Commonwealth Forces

  • Infantry
  • Armoured Infantry
  • Airborne
  • Armoured
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