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In CMx2, seriously wounded soldiers can be given first aid by their comrades; this is called buddy aid. Buddy aid also recovers equipment from both seriously wounded and dead comrades.

There is no command for buddy aid; rather, buddy aid is controlled automatically by the game. Buddy aid may happen when any soldier is stationary at the location of a friendly casualty (a seriously wounded or dead comrade). Depending on the situation, the soldier may decide to treat the casualty. When a soldier gives buddy aid, the word "medic" is displayed in his status field.

The player can abort buddy aid at any time by giving the medic's unit any command. The medic may decide to abort the treatment himself if there is incoming fire. Buddy aid completes on its own after a time, usually about two minutes for a seriously wounded comrade, or about a minute for a dead one. When buddy aid is successfully completed, the casualty is removed from the battlefield.

Completed buddy aid has several effects in the game:

  • The casualty disappears on the battlefield view.
  • Some of the equipment, weapons and ammo carried by the casualty are recovered; the rest is removed along with the casualty. The ammo amount is not large -- perhaps 10 rounds per soldier.
  • Seriously wounded soldiers who have not received buddy aid by the end of the fight have a 25% chance of becoming KIA in the final tally. Note that WIA or KIA is treated the same by the scoring mechanism; thus, giving buddy-aid makes no difference to score.

As of version 1.01, ammo (including mortar rounds and rockets) on casualties is not removed when they are hit. Thus it remains available to be shared with platoon mate who are closeby. If aided, some or most of the ammo will disappear; thus, it may be a good idea to hold off on buddy aid to a teammate if the team is nearby and in a position to use his ammo.