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Combat Mission: Shock Force British Forces was released in August 2009. It was the second expansion module to the base game . It adds the British army to the game to the blue side with new equipment.

General Information

The backstory of the game takes place in the summer of 2008. After a terrorist attack the Coalition forces, led by United States of America, invaded Syria in order to locate and punish those responsible. The module has a new campaign for the marines and 30 new scenarios as well.

New organizations and equipment

U.S. Army


U.S. Army Infantry Brigade Combat Team


Light vehicles:

British Forces


British Forces Armoured Infantry

British section advancing trough Syrian desert

British Forces Mechanized Infantry

British Forces Light Infantry

British Forces Armoured Regiment


Small arms

  • L85A2 assault rifle
  • L85A2-NEW assault rifle
  • L85A2 assault rifle W/UGL grenade launcher
  • L86A2 LSW light machine gun
  • L22A2 carbine
  • L110A1 machine gun
  • L7A2 machine gun
  • L111A1 Browning machine gun
  • L134A1 grenade machine gun
  • L96A1 sniper rifle
  • L115A3 sniper rifle
  • L2A1 LAW
  • LASM
  • Javelin

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Armored Personnel Carriers


Light Vehicles

British Air Assets

  • Apache AH MK1
  • Typhoon F2
  • Tornado GR4
  • Harrier GR9

British Artillery Assets

  • L16A2 81mm mortar
  • L118 Light Gun
  • AS90 Self-Propelled Gun

Other modules

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