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The Combat Mission Wiki is a wiki devoted to the Combat Mission line of games, developed by Battlefront. The current focus here is in wikifying information about Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. Information about other CM games is minimal right now, but always welcome here.

Although we love Battlefront, this site is entirely community-driven. Battlefront has granted us permission to use the content of the CMBN Game Manual here, and some pages are adapted from it. However, most of articles here been written by players to share their knowledge with other players.

Articles at this Wiki

There are articles here on a variety of subjects related to CM. If you just want to see some examples, try out a Random page; it is also on the top of each page.


Does the game seem too hard? Losing to the AI? Our articles on Tactics for Combat Mission may help you improve your game.


Rules articles are descriptions of the many rules that the CM engine instantiates. Most articles here so far are about the rules. To find an article about a particular rule, use the search box on the left. You can also peruse the rules category to look for articles alphabetically.

Common Questions and Suggestions

We have a FAQ (frequently asked questions list) for CMBN. There is also an article for the CMBO veteran called CMBN versus CMBO, which compares the two games.

As with any game, CMBN is not perfect, and players often find bugs, invent ideas for how to improve it, request various things be added, etc. The wiki has an article which collects suggestions called Player Suggestions for CMBN.

Scenario Design

All CM games have included the same scenario editor that Battlefront uses to create the battles and campaigns that come with the game. Devoted players have created hundreds of scenarios and even whole campaigns. In future the wiki may document the Scenario Editor. Right now, we provide some Resources for Scenario Designers.


Modifying the game (modding) by adding new "skins" for terrain and units is a long-established CM tradition.

Screenshots, Movies, and Art

CMx2 is so realistic people are using it to make art! (The screenshot here is an example.) The wiki has an article on How to Make Screenshots and videos.

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