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A command is an order to a unit to do something within the game. Commands are given to units by the player via the command interface.

Which commands a unit can be ordered to do will vary according to many factors during a game. A command will be grayed out if a unit can sometimes do it, but not currently. A command will not appear at all for a unit which cannot do it. For example, most infantry units do not carry heavy weapons and so they do not have the Deploy command.

The game categorizes commands into five sets, called "command groups":

  • Move commands - orders the unit to move from one place to another
  • Combat commands - orders the unit to orient itself or to fire its weapons
  • Special commands - a grab-bag of commands that don't fit into Move or Combat.
  • Admin commands - immediately split a team from a squad, or a squad into teams
  • Instant commands - commands designed mainly for real-time mode

The Move, Combat, and Admin command groups have much commonality within the group, and so they each have their own article (links above). Generally, commands from within these groups exclude each other; for example a unit cannot both Face and Target, since targeting a unit requires facing it.

The Special and Instant commands are grab-bags, so their individual commands are linked below.

Special Commands[]

Instant Commands[]

  • Pause (instant)
  • Cancel All
  • Evade