Combat Mission Wiki

The Dismount special command orders the passengers and/or crew of a vehicle to leave the vehicle. This command is available to both passengers as well as the vehicle itself. If you select a vehicle and issue the Dismount command, its crew and all passengers will leave. If you select a passenger unit and issue the Dismount command, only that unit will disembark. All units which dismount automatically take up a defensive position in an action spot next to the vehicle.

Passengers may also dismount using normal move commands, and this is typically a superior method to dismount, since:

  • You move all the time and know the hotkey, so moving is easier to order.
  • Moving has no downside compared to Dismount.
  • The Dismount command cannot be combined with movement.
  • Most passengers will want to move to some other action spot than one right next to the vehicle.
  • Many passengers may want to Deploy their weapon after dismounting.

The only time you must use dismount to get a unit out of a vehicle is when the unit is the vehicle's crew. Since most vehicles have a crew of at least one (a driver), most infantry units should never need to dismount. The one exception is when using jeeps, which often are driverless; in this case the infantry team itself crews the jeep, and therefore must be explicitly Dismounted.