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Electronic warfare was added in Combat Mission: Black Sea. It is a scenario environment that has four stages. With each stage the electronic interference becomes worse, making communication using electronic devices slower or impossible. The strength of electronic warfare can be set separately for Blue and Red sides.

The four stages are:

None: All systems are unaffected. There is no interference.

Light: Hand-held radio communications suffer from the interference. Manpack- and vehicle-mounted radios are unaffected. PDA satellite communications are degraded, but those in vehicles are not. UAV Support mission times and capabilities are degraded.

Medium: Hand-held radio's no longer function. Manpack- and vehicle-mounted radios suffer from the interference. None of the PDA devices work, and vehicle mounted variants are degraded. UAV, Artillery and Air support requests take longer. UAV spotting ability is further degraded, precision artillery does not work, on-map SAM's are less effective.

Strong: All radio and satellite links are down. C3 is maintained using hand-signals and verbal face-to-face communication. Artillery, Air and UAV support have extreme delays, often over 20 minutes. UAV spotting extremely degraded. On-map SAM functions barely.


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