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In CMx2, equipment is modeled down to the bullet, including such things as weapons and ammunition. All equipment is either carried by a soldier (who may be wounded or dead), or carried inside a vehicle.

Kinds of equipment include:

You can see the equipment carried by a unit by selecting it. The current primary weapon of each individual is shown in the Team Info panel. Any equipment other than small arms and small arm ammunition is shown in the Special Equipment panel. LAWs and ammunition are shown on the Ammo Report tab in the Report panel.

Generally, equipment cannot be freely transferred between units. Equipment may be transferred between units in just three circumstances:

  • from an ammunition carrying team to any team with a primary weapon of its ammunition type that requires that ammo. This happens automatically when the ammunition carrying team is close to the other team, and the other team is out of the ammunition type for its weapon.
  • from a wounded/dead soldier to a friendly soldier, via buddy aid
  • from a vehicle to an infantry unit, via the acquire command.