Maps for the mission 2.

Breaktrough at the Berm is the second scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder if you LOST the first one. It is followed by Ash Shammas. In the mission Task Force Thunder has to break trough the border defended by Syrian reserve unit.


Enemy Forces

We have found a way to break trough the enemy lines. Two Companies defend, but are of dubious quality. There are also some bunkers in the area. Irregular forces have been spotted by predator in the area.

Friendly Forces

You have a Stryker Scout platoon, a Stryker infantry platoon and an MGS platoon. You will also have artillery and mortar support.

Terrain and Weather

You are assaulting at dawn, in hot weather. The wadi you are travelling in is dy, but has had water in the past.


You are to break trough the Syrian defensive line by following the wadi and finding a route out of it.

Commander's Intent

Proceed up the wadi with the Scout and Infantry Platoon, using artillery to destroy any targets you find. Use the MGS platoon to support you.

Basic plan

Pass trough Phase Line Alpha and destroy any enemy forces you come across. You must also touch Phase Lines Beta and Charlie. You also must destroy 50% of enemy forces in the area.

Tips for the scenarioEdit

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