Finding out that a scenario was unsuitable for H2H play was usually a waste of time and not much fun for the loser.

This page exists to collect the experience people had playing the scenario. It's obviously a very subjective judgement but a good hint is better than none.

Name Game Source Size Type Who Balance Comment
Avanti!!! CMFI CMFI Small Attack Italy vs. US strong pro Italy Balance is debatable. Allies can win if played carefully.
Fight at Vallebruca CMFI CMFI Small Allied Attack US v German

Not Balanced as Americans have strong edge.

Give stronger player Germans. Great map and fun to try and hold back Americans. But do not expect to win unless you get lucky. (Holien)
Alvano Anvil CMFI CMFI Small Allied Attack US V German Overwhelmingly-pro-Axis

Don't bother for H2H

Buying The Farm CMBN CMBN Medium Allied Attack US vs. German modest pro Allied  
CW The Mace CMBN-CW CMBN-CW Large Axis Attack US vs Polish Balanced Top scenario. 2 hours of gripping battle., with a bit of everything.
MP1 TournamentVire CMBN-CW WeBoB Medium ME US vs German Balanced

Great map, great scenario, most balanced scenario on record at WeBob

Seven Winds CMBN-CW CMBN-CW Medium Attack CW vs German Overwhelmingly pro Allies

Completely unbalanced, set defence, nothing for defender to do. Allies vs AI only.

CW Keep Calm CMBN-CW CMBN-CW Medium Attack CW vs German Pro Allies

Give the stronger player the Germans and be prepared to lose as the Brits have quite a few advantages. Could go German way if you are smarter than your opponent in placing your forces. (Holien)

Huzzar CMBN CMBN Large Meeting American vs German Pro Germans

Give the stronger player the Americans. Excellent map and great game play (Holien)


Courtesy of GreenAsJade and We Band Of Brothers CM Club...

CMBN Scenario Balance Table

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