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HMMWV with M2 .50cal

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) is a 4x4 armored truck. It is modifiable and can meet multiple different roles because of that. It is protected against up to 7.62mm small arms fire, 155mm air burst shells and 12 lb. anti-tank mines. It is further protected by the FRAG-5 up armor kit (from version 1.10 onwards) which enhances it's protection capabilities. The most common variant is not armed at all. It can be fitted with M2 .50cal, M240 7.62mm machine gun or the Mk.19 40mm grenade launcher. There is also a variant with FS3 system instead of weapon mount. Before patch 1.10 the Humvee was lightly armored. Humvee is used by both the US Army and US Marines. Humvee's can be found in the game Combat Mission: Shock Force and Combat Mission: Black Sea.

Technical information[]

  • Can be fitted with various mounts:
    • M2 .50cal machine gun
    • 240B 7.62mm machine gun
    • Mk.19 grenade launcher

      Marine M1046 HMMWV in Syria.

    • TOW-2 anti-tank guided missile system (M1046 variant)
    • FS3 system (M707 Scout variant)
  • Weighs 5.5 tons
  • FRAG-5 armor upgrade fitted to all variants
  • 4x4 wheel drive to enhance all terrain capabilities.
  • Crew: 2 (driver, gunner)
  • Passengers: 2/3

Variants in the game[]

Base game (CMSF):

  • M1114 HMMWV: Designed to meet number of military roles. Can carry four to five soldiers. The presence of weapons stations makes the Humvee more vulnerable to enemy fire because of the open top.
  • M1046 HMMWV w/TOW-2: ATGM variant which can be used as a light and mobile anti-armor vehicle.

    Flatbed Hummer transporting troops in Ukraine, 2017

  • M707 Scout HMMWV: Fitted with the Fire Support Sensor System (FS3) which includes thermal imaging, daytime TV, laser designator, laser rangefinder and special software that identifies the type of unit observed. It has the ability to call in assets quickly and accurately.

Base game (CMBS):

  • M1151A1 HMMWV: A normal Humvee with more powerful engine to cope with the heavier armor.
  • M1151A1 HMMWV (Recon): A recon variant of the said Humvee. Added optics and communications equipment
  • M1152A1 HMMWV: A flatbed variant of the said Humvee. Can carry extra troops.
  • M1167 HMMWV: An ATGM variant of the said Humvee. Anti-armor capabilities to repel enemy tanks.


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  • Combat Mission: Black Sea game manual