Maps for High Points, Low Points.

High Points Low Points is the third scenario in the campaign if you LOSE Ash Shammas. It is followed by Route Lightning no matter if you win or lose. In the mission Task Force Thunder tries to take control of Route Echo that goes trough a valley. The mission is part of the campaign Task Force Thunder.


Enemy Forces

Enemy disposition along Route Echo is suspected light infantry with possible strong points. No armor or mechanized forces have been observed.

Friendly Forces

Elements of B Company, 2 Battalion (Stryker) will link up with 1st Platoon, B Troop (Cavalry) to form Team Amber.

Terrain and Weather

The terrain along Route Echo in the vicinity of the objective is a narrow valley of mixed hard pack and rocky soil. Route Echo is an unimproved dirt road. The dry conditions will be beneficial to traveling this route. Weather is hazy with ample ambient light after sunset.


2nd Battalion is bogged down with fighting at Al-Shammas. The failure to seize objectives at Ash Shammas has resulted in a stalemate. We cannot allow our advance to be delayed more than an hour or two more. 1st Platoon, B Troop has been scouting Route Echo and 1st Platoon, B Company is being attached to help clear the route.

Commander's Intent

All battalion reserves are involved in the fighting at the airfield; you are on your own. Leading with the scout unit, you are to clear Route Echo. Stryker Infantry will lend support to the Cav Scouts.

Basic plan


Route Echo.

Team Amber is to secure the high ground over looking Route Echo. A small depression is to be used as a rally point after clearing the route.

Tips for the scenarioEdit

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