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Hims Homes is the seventeenth scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder. It was preceded by Ambush Alley and is followed by Point Blank. In this mission parts of Task Force Thunder have entered the Hims suburbs.

Your force replenishment after this mission:
Refit Repair Vehicle Resupply Rest
0 0 100 100


The briefing here is like it is in Shock Force 2, the upgraded version of the original game.


0200 JUNE 29, 2008


Task Force Thunder is now on the outskirts of Hims. Heavy fighting with Republican Guards units continued all yesterday. Command has given the order to push through the suburbs of Hims overnight in order to gain a foothold on the southern edge of the city.

Ahead are two distinct sectors: a complex of high-rise apartment and condo buildings, still under construction, and a densely packed slum. Numerous uncontrolled fires throughout the city have made the sky very hazy.

The briefing maps for the mission


Capture the high rise condos marked objective Everest, Trivor, Matterhorn, and Whitney. These buildings will serve as excellent vantage points when we assault deeper into Hims. All of the high-rise buildings are believed to be abandoned, so they are cleared for fire support. However, you should avoid damaging the marked objectives.

Clear the slums by advancing through Phase Lines Nile and Mississippi, then capturing and holding objectives Napa and Mojave. AVOID COLLATERAL DAMAGE HERE AT ALL COSTS. The civilian presence is very heavy.

End your advance at Phase line Tibur and adopt a defensive posture.

Friendly Forces

Forces available in this area include A Company (Stryker), 1st Platoon of B Company (Armored), and E Company (Mech Engineer). The battalion JTACs are also present.

For fire support, you have A Company's mortars and two sections of M109 Paladins. The 155mm guided shells may prove extremely useful in this environment. A single F-15E is loitering overhead.

Enemy Forces

We are facing a mishmash of regular army, irregular forces, and foreign fighters. The shanty town is held by mechanized infantry. Air support did excellent work throughout of destroying enemy armor, but some tanks and IFVs have likely escaped destruction by hiding within structures.


Use direct fire from M1's and Bradley's to dislodge defenders from high rise buildings. Proceed carefully with disembarked infantry in the east with support from captured apartments. Where necessary use indirect fire, but exercise caution to avoid collateral damage.

CAUTION! Your setup is under enemy observation. It is recommended that you set up behind cover, or you may come under immediate fire.


RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - HIGH RISES: Mostly unrestricted. Avoid damaging marked objectives.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - SLUMS: Restricted. Extremely heavy civilians presence! Avoid high explosive weapons.

Hims suburbs in moonlight


  • Touch Phase Line Nile
  • Touch Phase Line Mississippi
  • Touch Limit of Advance Tibur
  • Occupy Everest
  • Occupy Trivor
  • Occupy Matterhorn
  • Occupy Whitney
  • Occupy Napa
  • Occupy Mojave

Tips for the scenario[]

  • None at this time.