Improvised explosive devices (IED's) are a type of bomb that is usually remotely triggered. It is also used in suicide attacks. The name comes from the fact that most of the bombs are made up from different kind of artillery munitions or other types of explosives not intended for this kind of use. IED's are present in the games Combat Mission: Shock Force and Combat Mission: Afghanistan.

Technical informationEdit

Small to huge IED

Small to huge IED

  • Four different sizes:
    • Small (made up from one small caliber artillery ammunition)
    • Medium (three small caliber artillery ammunitions stacked)
    • Large (five medium caliber artillery ammunitions stacked)
    • Huge (one huge bomb)
  • Three different detonation types:
    • Wire (most reliable)
    • Radio (can be interfered)
    • Cell (can be interfered)

Variants in the gameEdit


VBIED in Syria. Notice the bomb on the back seat.

Base game (CMSF):
  • Normal IED's: Just a bomb on the ground
  • Vehicle based IED (VBIED): A huge IED mounted on the back seat of a vehicle. The driver has to drive it to the destination, making it a suicide bomb.

Base game (CMA):

  • Normal IED's: Just a bomb on the ground
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