LAV-25 providing support for Marine recon patrol in Syria

LAV-25 stands for Light Armored Vehicle, the number 25 coming from the caliber of the autocannon (25mm). It is an amphibious (not modeled in CMSF) 8-wheeled recon vehicle used by the Marines and the Canadians. Like Strykers, the LAV's are based on the swiss Piranha 8x8 light armored vehicle. The A2 standard which the game models includes better armor, suspension and targeting system. The Canadian Coyote-variant has upgraded chassis. It is found in the games Combat Mission: Shock Force Marines and Combat Mission: Shock Force NATO.

Technical informationEdit

  • 25mm chaingun (LAV-25-A2)
    • Coaxial 7.62mm MG
    • Pintle-mounted 7.62mm MG
  • TOW-2 ATGM-system (LAV-AT-A2)
    • Pintle-mounted 7.62 MG
  • 7.62mm MG (LAV-C2-A2)
  • Fire control system
  • Lightly armored
  • Diesel engine
  • Weighs:
    • 13.8 tons (LAV-25-A2)
    • 13.4 tons (LAV-AT-A2)
    • 13.7 tons (LAV-C2-A2)
    • 14.4 tons (Coyote)
  • Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver) (LAV-25-A2 / LAV-C2-A2) / 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver) (LAV-25-A2 & Coyote)
  • Passengers: 6 (LAV-25-A2) / 4 (LAV-C2-A2) / none (LAV-AT-A2 & Coyote)

    Canadian Coyote in Syria, 2008

Variants in the gameEdit

Marines module (CMSF):

  • LAV-25-A2: The primary model is the LAV-25. It ‘s armed with a M242 25mm chain gun and crewed by three Marines. Its primary role is to provide transportation and fire support for a four man recon team which rides in the back.

    LAV-AT-A2 in Syria.

  • LAV-AT-A2: The LAV-AT is an anti-tank version equipped with TOW-2 wire guided anti-tank missiles. The two launch tubes offer it the ability to engage a target and still have another shot at the ready without reloading. It has a crew of four Marines, with the fourth being a dedicated loader.
  • LAV-C2-A2: The lightest armed of the three LAVs is the LAV-C2, armed only with a M240 machinegun. The primary purpose of this vehicle is to observe and direct the actions of the LAVs under its command. It is crewed by three Marines with room for two more in the rear. Generally only the Company HQ rides in a LAV-C2.

NATO module (CMSF):

  • Coyote: A Canadian variant of the LAV-25 used for recon. It has an upgraded chassis.


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