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Mountain of a Mole Hill is the twelfth scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder. It was preceded by Tiyas and is followed by Night Stalkers. In this mission parts of Task Force Thunder patrol a hilly area looking for Syrians.

Your force replenishment after this mission:
Refit Repair Vehicle Resupply Rest
0 0 100 100


The briefing here is like it is in Shock Force 2, the upgraded version of the original game.


0125 JUNE 27, 2008


Task Force Thunder has held fast around Tiyas for the evening, with the intention to move out at first light. Some dismounted Syrian forces escaped the assault earlier this day, melting into the hills north of Tiyas. Although they lack heavy weapons or vehicles, Command is concerned that they could establish OPs in the hills and direct artillery fire on Route Lightning. Several dismounted combat patrols have been dispatched to the heights to ward off any remaining Syrian troops. One of our patrols has just reported enemy contact.

The briefing maps for the mission


Destroy the enemy force. Minimize your own casualties.

Friendly Forces

2nd Platoon of C Company (Stryker) is conducting this patrol. They are dismounted, as the terrain here is steep and rocky.

The company 60mm mortar section is displacing to get withing range, they will (sic) available in 5 minutes.

Enemy Forces

Exact enemy disposition is unknown. Enemy forces remaining in the AO are strictly light infantry with no heavy weapons.


Probe forward cautiously and locate the enemy. We have a major advantage in our night vision tech, but they have the high ground. Don't engage them fully until your mortar support is ready to fire. Find, fix, flank, and finish them.


RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: No civilian presence, weapons use is unrestricted.

The hills have eyes.


  • Destroy enemy forces

Tips for the scenario[]

  • None at this time.