Combat Mission Wiki

Passengers are infantry that have embarked on a vehicle. A vehicle must have passenger space to take on passengers (as of CMBN 1.01, riding tanks is not allowed). When a vehicle is carrying infantry, it is called their carrier.

Each vehicle capable of transporting infantry will have a certain maximum number of men it can hold; each is called a crew or passenger "position". The carrier's positions are shown graphically on the carrier's profile panel. Crew positions are shown with a blue dot; passengers are shown in green. Grey dots denote empty positions. No infantry unit may plot an embarking move to the carrier unless the number of men in the infantry unit is equal to or less than the number of empty positions in the carrier.

To embark a carrier, an infantry unit must plot a move into that carrier as its last waypoint. When this is the case, the infantry will move normally until the second to last waypoint is reached. If the anticipated carrier is available and not in motion, then infantry will then commence movement towards it, boarding it when they get into its action spot. If it is not available, the move is aborted. If it is moving, then infantry will wait at their current action spot until it has stopped.

Passengers are subject to certain benefits and limitations due to their status:

  • passengers may not deploy any weapons
  • passengers move with their carrier when it moves
  • passengers may not be fired at separate from their vehicle
  • passengers may take all normal fire effect from fire hitting their vehicle (if they are opened up); if they are closed up, they can be suppressed but not take other effects unless the vehicle's armor is penetrated.

Passengers may have move commands plotted normally. In this case, as soon as their carrier stops moving for any reason (last waypoint reached, immobilized, or a pause order within a longer move), then they will dismount the carrier and start moving on foot normally. The dismount command can also be used to dismount passengers, although it is superfluous for any except crew.