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Point Blank is the eighteenth scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder. It was preceded by Hims Homes and is followed by Street Sweepers. In this mission parts of Task Force Thunder take on the Republican Guard in the suburbs of Hims.

Your force replenishment after this mission:
Refit Repair Vehicle Resupply Rest
0 0 100 100


The briefing here is like it is in Shock Force 2, the upgraded version of the original game.


1640 JUNE 29, 2008


Armored Republican Guard forces, combined with fanatical foreign fighters and mix of surviving reservists, have used the high population and urban terrain to negate much of our fire support advantage. The result has been a slow-motion melee through the streets of the city, as we seek to pin down their forces before they melt into the next populated neighborhood.

UAV surveillance of one previously unoccupied sector of the downtown area has revealed a company of Republican Guards T-72 tanks on the move. Command is concerned that they will pose a threat to the flanks of our operation tomorrow. Air support in the area has been suspended for several hours after a serious friendly fire incident, so an armored force has been dispatched to find and eliminate the tanks.


The briefing maps for the mission

Your orders are clear: find the tanks and kill them.

Friendly Forces

Your hunter-killer task force consists of two platoons from B Company (Armored) and one platoon from D Company (Mech Rifle).

One section of M109 Paladins have been assigned to your mission.

Enemy Forces

A Republican Guards unit, equipped with T-72AV TURMS tanks, is moving through the area. No mechanized infantry are in this sector, but there is light irregular activity.


Advance west using bounding over watch, touching each of the assigned waypoints. If enemy contact is made and it is ID'd as irregular combatants, engage while maintaining the advance. If the contact is tanks, halt and destroy. Watch your flanks: although the M1A2 Abrams may be superior to the T-72, at these point blanks ranges the side who shoots first is likely to be the victor.


RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Restricted. Civilians are present! Use high caution in targeting buildings with heavy weapons.

Urban combat in point blank ranges


  • Touch Waypoint 'Saints'
  • Touch Waypoint 'Go'
  • Touch Waypoint 'Marching'
  • Touch Waypoint 'On'
  • Destroy Tanks

Tips for the scenario[]

  • None at this time.