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*[ Axis History Forum]
*[ Axis History Forum]
*[ Website]
*[ Website]

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Research for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy can be categorized into a number of different headings.

General Historical Background

Scenario Design (Battles and Campaigns)

There are a number of resources online and in print to assist CM fans.

Historical Background

There are a number of good general histories online and in print.

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

  • The United States Army in World War II (the "Green Books") - are available online; volumes dealing with the Americans in Normandy include:

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Commonwealth Forces

General Scenario Design

Print Resources

  • Walker, Mark H. Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin Strategy Guide (, 2002)
    • Contains detailed interviews with CM scenario designers with tips and how-to advice that is applicable to the CMX2 game engine

Online Resources

Mod Research

German Armour

Print Resources

German Uniforms

Online Resources