There are a number of resources online and in print to assist CM fans. This article lists a number of links or at least references to information sources that will be of use to the WWII scenario designer.

Historical Background Edit

There are a number of good general histories online and in print.

The US Army Edit

  • The United States Army in World War II (the "Green Books") - are available online; volumes dealing with the Americans in Normandy include:

Commonwealth Forces Edit

Links for Mapmakers Edit

France Edit

aerial photos of France from 1947 onward. Note: not oriented with North at the top.
Maps with detailed contour lines. Thin lines represent 5 meters. Bold ones are 25 meters. The height difference of dotted lines varies.
a question and some good answers, at the Battlefront forum.

General Scenario Design Edit

Print Resources Edit

  • Walker, Mark H. Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin Strategy Guide (, 2002)
Contains detailed interviews with CM scenario designers with tips and how-to advice that is applicable to the CMX2 game engine

Online Resources Edit

Mod Research Edit

German Armor Edit

Print Resources

Out of print, but definitive general volume on camouflage and general markings of German AFVs and tanks from 1939-1945

German Uniforms Edit

Online Resources

Canadian Army Edit

Online Resources

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