A unit's suppression is an abstract quantification of how much fear its men have due to incoming fire. Suppression is tracked separately for each unit in the game. A pinned unit has taken sufficient suppression that it is unable to move.

Display[edit | edit source]

In CMx2, the user interface shows the selected unit's suppression in the attributes panel, using an inverted color-coded pyramid. This pyramid is referred to as the suppression indicator. As the unit takes fire and its suppression increases, the colored portion of the pyramid rises and changes from green to yellow to orange to red. Additionally, suppressed men in the selected unit will have their personal action shown as "cowering".

Suppression is also displayed on the main view by the attitudes of the men: more of them will be shown as lying flat and curled up.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The more suppression a unit has, the more likely it will suffer a morale failure. Also, a highly suppressed unit will be pinned.

A pinned unit can still be given orders, but it will usually ignore movement orders, and it may not act promptly on other commands.

Gaining and Losing Suppression[edit | edit source]

Units become suppressed mainly from enemy fire, but there are several factors:

  • fire of all kinds: enemy, friendly, mines, cookoffs, etc.
  • taking casualties

Suppression recovers naturally over time, usually rapidly once a unit is no longer being fired on. The rate of recovery depends these factors:

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