Syrian T-55 (1974)

T-54 and T-55 tanks were planned to replace the T-34 from World War 2. A very basic type of MBT. T-54B is nearly indentical to T-55, only lacking the night time infrared capabilities. T-55 is the most produced tank in the world history. The tank has been used extensively in conflicts around the world, including the Middle-East. The tank can be found in the games Combat Mission: Shock Force and Combat Mission: Afghanistan.

Technical informationEdit

  • 100mm rifled gun
  • Coaxial 7.62mm MG
  • Pintle mounted 12.7mm DShK
  • Fire control system
  • Cast armor
  • Kontakt ERA (T-55MV)
  • 38.88 liter diesel engine
  • Weighs:
    • 36 tons (T-54, T-55 (1970) & T-55 (1974))
    • 40.5 tons (T-55MV)
  • Ammo:
    • 100mm HE (17 rounds)
    • 100mm HEAT (6 rounds)
      T-55MV firing

      T-55MV opening fire on enemy positions during night time in Syria.

    • 100mm APFSDS (12 rounds)
    • AT-10 HEAT-missiles (4 missiles) (T-55MV)
    • 12.7mm AP (160 rounds)
    • 7.62mm (2k rounds)
  • Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)

Variants in the gameEdit

Base game (CMSF):

  • T-54B: The base variant. Exist only as a static defense turret in the game.
  • T-55 (1970): Upgraded version of the original T-55. More powerful 100mm gun, stabilization system, and slightly more powerful engine. Exist only as a static defense turret in the game.
  • T-55 (1974): New fire control system, including the KTD-2 laser ringe finder.
  • T-55MV: Upgrades made in the 1983 brought this tank up to par with T-72's . Upgrades included Volna fire control system, ability to fire Bastion ATGM's, a more powerful engine, skirt armor, smoke launchers, improved night vision system, Kontakt ERA and other small improvements,

Base game (CMA):

  • T-54B: An honoured veteran that went into service back in 1957. Although the Soviet army had more recent and better tanks available at the beginning of the Afghanistan campaign, the forces of the Turkestan Military District (forming the 40th army) still had these older machines in service. Many of them were also in service in the Afghanistan Armed Forces. This tank is armed with 100mm cannon, coaxial 7.62mm machinegun, and flexible 12.7mm DShK machinegun.
  • T-55 (1970): The improved version of the T-55, equipped with a better engine and improved 100mm cannon. The 12.7 DShK machinegun, absent on the base T-55 model, returned on this version.
  • T-55 (1974): A subsequent enhanced version of the T-55 with a new fire control system including the laser-rangefinder KTD-2.
  • T-55M: Substantially improved version from 1983. The T-55M received a new fire control system “Volna”, the “Bastion” ATGM, improved engine and night-vision equipment, the smoke discharge system “Tuchya”, additional armor to the front, and spaced armor screens on the sides.
  • T-55AD: Another version from 1983.The T-55AD, with the same improvements as the T-55M with the exception of additional armor. Instead it uses a unique active defence system - “Drozd” - capable of destroying incoming ATGM and RPG rounds.

    Soviet T-54B in Afghanistan


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