Syrian T-62 (1972)

T-62 is a main battle tank of Soviet origin. It was designed to replace the older T-55, but did it only partly. The T-62 was a Soviet-designed main battle tank that began service in the 1960s. A continuation of the T-55 tank series design philosophy, the T-62 series built upon that layout with upgrades to every major system. Armament was improved over the T-55 with a larger 115 mm U-5TS Rapira gun, which also takes the distinction of being the first smoothbore cannon to fire high velocity APFSDS ammunition. The smoothbore cannon also had the advantage of improving HEAT ammunition performance. The gunner received a new TSh-2B-41 gunner sight.

Protection was increased via additional front hull and turret armor. The T-62 had downgraded in was mobility, as it was heavier than the T-55 but powered by the same V-55 engine.

There is only around 500 to 600 T-62's in operational condition found in Syrian reserves, regular units as well as the Republican Guard crack units. T-62 is very similiar to T-55 with slightly longer hull and larger 115mm gun. It also has better fire control system, improved stabilization and a night vision system out to a range of 600-800 meters. The tank can be found in the games Combat Mission: Shock Force, Combat Mission: Afghanistan and Combat Mission: Cold War.

Technical information

  • 115-mm 2A20 (U-5TS) smoothbore gun
  • Coaxial 7.62-mm PKT MG
  • Pintle mounted 12.7mm DShK
  • Fire control system
  • Cast armor
  • Appliqué armor (T-62M) or Kontakt ERA (T-62MV)
  • 38.88 liter diesel engine
  • Weighs:
    • 37.5 tons (T-62 1972/1975)
    • 41.5 tons (T-62M)
    • 42.8 tons (T-62MV)
  • Ammo:
    • 115mm HE (18 rounds)
      Soviet T-62 (1975) with commander unbuttoned.
    • 115mm HEAT (5 rounds)
    • 115mm APFSDS (10 rounds)
    • 12.7mm AP (240 rounds)
    • 7.62mm (1k rounds)
    • AT-12 Swinger (9K116-2 Sheksna) (3 missiles) (T-62M & T-62MV only)
  • Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)

Variants in the game

Base game (CMSF):

  • T-62 (1972): The base variant. Less than 100 units in operational condition. Found in reserve units only.
  • T-62 (1975): Very similiar to 1972 but with KTD laser range finder and few improvements to the fire control system. Found in reserve units only and not in great numbers.
  • T-62M: Very similiar to the T-55MV except having appliqué armor panels instead of ERA. This means in can also fire ATGM's from it's main gun and ability to produce a smoke screen using smoke launchers. This variant is also better protected with the addition of skirt armor. 200 units or so found in reserve units.
  • T-62MV: The best of the T-62 family. Upgraded to have Kontakt ERA. About 150 found in regular and Republican Guard units.

Base game (CMA):

  • T-62 (1972): The T-62 is a continuation of the T-54/55 line. It has larger size, and a new 115mm cannon. The 1972 version features an improved fire control system, gun stabilizer, and night vision equipment.
  • T-62 (1975): Next version of the T-62. This model received the KTD-2 laser-rangefinder.
  • T-62M: Like the T-55M, this tank underwent heavy modernization in 1983. It received a new fire control system - “Volna”, the ATGM “Sheksna”, additional armor on the front and sides, as well as other improvements.
  • T-62AD: This is the model from 1983, modernized like the T-62M with the exception of additional armor. Instead it uses a unique active defence system - “Drozd” - capable of destroying incoming ATGM and RPG rounds.

Base game (CMCW):

  • T-62 (1972): This minor upgrade added a DShK 12.7 mm machine gun to the loader's hatch.
  • T-62 (1975): This upgrade of the T-62 (1972) enhanced the fire control system with the addition of a KTD-2 laser range finder.


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    A column of T-62MV's in Syria.
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