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*Kontakt ERA
*Kontakt ERA
*Shtora defensive system
*Shtora defensive system
*Automatic loader system
*Automatic loader system[[File:T-90AM.png|thumb|338x338px|T-90AM tank commander receiving a recon report from a scout leader in Ukraine, 2017]]
*V-12 diesel engine
*V-12 diesel engine
*Weighs 46.5 tons
*Weighs 46.5 tons

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Syrian T-90SA firing it's roof mounted MG.

3rd-generation main battle tank of Russian origin, it is a modernization of T-72 and current top-of-the-line Russian tank. Brought into service in 1991, there are over 2000 units built of which 900 are in Russian use. It has the basic 125mm cannon and ability to launch ATGM's through the barrel. It also has all the modern sights, fire control systems and communication equipment that are available. In CM-universe, it is used by the Russian Army and the Syrian Army. The tank can be found in the games Combat Mission: Shock Force Marines and Combat Mission: Black Sea.

Technical information

  • 125mm smoothbore gun
  • Coaxial 7.62mm MG
  • Remote controlled roof mounted 12.7mm NSV
  • Highly modern fire control system
  • Steel and composite armor
  • Kontakt ERA
  • Shtora defensive system
  • Automatic loader system

    T-90AM tank commander receiving a recon report from a scout leader in Ukraine, 2017

  • V-12 diesel engine
  • Weighs 46.5 tons
  • Ammo:
    • 125mm HE (19 rounds)
    • 125mm T-HEAT (9 rounds)
    • 125mm APFSDS (15 rounds)
    • 12.7mm AP (300 rounds)
    • 7.62mm (2k rounds)
    • AT-11 T-HEAT (4 missiles)
  • Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Variants in the game

Marines module (CMSF):

  • T-90SA: The most heavily armored Syrian tank in the game. Up-armored with Kontakt-5 ERA and having the latest in offensive and defensive technology, it is a formidable tank.

Base game (CMBS):

  • T-90A: Quickly replaced the basic T-90 in production. It has better armor, more powerful engine and thermal imaging.
  • T-90AM: Modernized version of the previous, it has the new "Kalina" fire control system and new optics for both day and night operations. It also has various upgrades that boost situational awarness. It also has the new "Relikt" ERA which is an upgrade over the Kontakt-5 ERA. It also has SLAT armor in the rear to protect the tank. Numerous other upgrades are included.
  • T-90AM (APS): Same as above but with Arena -system installed. Arena is designed to defeat incoming warheads midair. It is upgrade over the Drodz-system that was used by the T-55AD and T-62D tanks.


  • CMSF Marines Game Manual v1.10
  • Combat Mission: Black Sea game manual
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