TUM (Truck Utility Medium) is the basic utility vehicle family for British Army. It is much lighter than the American counterpart HMMWV used by the US Army and probably on par with the UAZ. TUM vehicles can be found in Combat Mission: Shock Force British Forces.

Technical informationEdit

  • Can be fitted with weapons (WMIK)
  • Lightly armoured
  • Weighs 1.6 tons
  • Crew: 1 (driver)
  • Passengers: 7

Variants in the gameEdit

TUM famly

TUM vehicle family, from right to left: TUM WMIK, TUM ST, TUM FFR

British Forces (CMSF):

  • TUM FFR: The basic hard top vehicle capable of transporting 8 troops.
  • TUM ST: Soft top variant usually used by pioneers.
  • TUM WMIK: Weaponized variant used for recon.

Sources Edit

  • British Forces Module Manual V1.20
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