• Can someone please add in a statement on accuracy with TRPs? In CM1, using TRPs made artillery always accurate (ish) no matter if the spotter had LOS since the position was known and pre-registered etc. With CM2 I have a case where targeting on-board mortars (that haven't moved since set-up) using a spotter that also hasn't moved since set up has lead to artillery coming in about 200m off target. Is that a bug? or do TRPs act different in terms of accuracy assurance than CM1. If the latter, why is that? By the way, I like this Wiki and the idea of it - other sections (e.g. mines) are much more informative than manual since extra info is available and it is much easier to find things for quick reference than on the Battlefront forum. Thanks if anyone can edit in the answers (as part of a structured addition to this TRP Wiki entry and then deleting this whole request. Cheers. *************
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