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Tiyas is the eleventh scenario in the campaign Task Force Thunder. It was preceded by Lock and Chase and is followed by Mountain of a Mole Hill. In this mission parts of Task Force Thunder assault a defensive line between Tadmur and Hims.

Your force replenishment after this mission:
Refit Repair Vehicle Resupply Rest
0 0 0 100


The briefing here is like it is in Shock Force 2, the upgraded version of the original game.


1800 JUNE 26, 2008

TIYAS Rapid movement west through the open country has been stopped by a new enemy defensive line along Route Lightning. Situated in an abandoned village behind a steep ridgeline, a Syrian reservist force has joined with a tank unit to dig in and site their guns on the highway ahead of us. A Company (Stryker) is moving up along the highway and the ridge to set up for an assault.

The briefing maps for the mission


Secure the marked highway objectives. Clear enemy resistance out of Tiyas by capturing the marked objectives. Ensure that surviving enemy forces will not harass highway traffic by destroying tanks and ATGM teams.

Friendly Forces

Battalion Command, the HHC and A Company (Stryker) are your assault force. An A-10A Thunderbolts is on station and ready fore (sic) targets.

Enemy Forces

The Syrian defense force consists of reserve infantry armed with machineguns and antitank weapons. Aerial surveillance shows evidence of trenches and bunkers. Several platoons of tanks are among them.

The center of the defensive line is in the abandoned village of Tiyas, with fields of fire set up to observe the highway and the western slope of the ridge.


You have two possible avenues of approach: the highway or the ridge. The ridge offers a commanding view of the entire battlefield, but it (sic) very exposed to counterfire. Choose carefully which forces you commit to each route: the cliffs on the southern side of the ridge will prevent you from easily moving north and south!

The enemy has ATGMs and tanks, and you have only Strykers. Rely on your air support, ATGM Strykers, and Javelins to destroy enemy heavy weapons before you expose too much of your force.


RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Weapons use unrestricted. There is no civilian presence.

Village of Tiyas


  • Occupy Causeway
  • Occupy Highway Station
  • Occupy Tiyas NE
  • Occupy Tiyas NW
  • Occupy Tiyas S
  • Destroy Tanks
  • Destroy AT Weapons

Tips for the scenario[]

  • Large open map, watch out for sightlines! Do your terrain analysis.