Marines fighting in Syria

The first time US Marines appeared in Combat Mission series was in Combat Mission: Shock Force module named Marines that was released in September 2008.

Modern setting[edit | edit source]

Marines differ greatly from US Army. The biggest difference is the size of an infantry squad which is a whopping 13 Marines in comparison to the 7 to 9-man squads that the Army and Syrians use. This also means that the Marines have superior firepower in 1-on-1 engagements. Marines also possess heavier weapons with infantry squad leaders carrying dedicated grenade launchers. They also use different weaponry in general when compared to the Army. 

US Marines are depicted in the following games during modern times:

Service branches[edit | edit source]

Combat Mission: Shock Force Marines module:

  • United States Marine Corps Armor

    Marine Recon unit conducting an operation in Syria

  • United States Marine Corps Infantry
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