Combat Mission Wiki

A unit in Combat Mission is a group of soldiers that act together. There are three main kinds of units: infantry, artillery, and vehicles. When you give an order to any unit, all of the soldiers in that unit will carry out the order.

An infantry unit is typically either a team of 2-5 men or a squad of 2-3 teams. (Teams may be split out from squads via the admin commands.) The crews from artillery and vehicles, if forced to bail out, are also infantry.

An artillery unit is a gun capable of indirect fire, and its crew of 2-6 men. Unlike infantry and vehicles, artillery may fight from off the play area. Off-board artillery appears only on the artillery interface.

A vehicle is a unit comprising an individual vehicle and its crew of 1-5 men. There are several subtypes of vehicles:

  • Soft vehicles are unarmored. Their crew and passengers are very vulnerable to any but the lightest fire. Many soft vehicles are unarmed.
  • Armored vehicles have at least enough armor to stop some bullets, and often enough armor to stop many anti-tank weapons.
  • Wheeled vehicles rest on wheels. Generally, they will be faster
  • Halftracked vehicles (called halftracks) have a pair of wheels in the front and a small tracked area in the back. They are a compromise between wheels and tracks.
  • Fully tracked vehicles (called tanks or armor) have only tracks. Generally tracks are required to spread the load of heavy armor, so most armored vehicles with any significant armor are fully tracked.

On the main view, each unit is marked with an icon that floats above it on the battlefield. To select a unit, left-click on its icon, or on any of the soldiers in the unit. The icon will highlight and green circles will appear under the members of the unit.

To select a group of units, press and hold the Shift key, then, while holding down the left mouse button, draw a box around the units you wish to select. In this manner, you can give multiple units the same general movement or targeting order.