A weapon is a tool used to threaten, suppress, injure and kill. In Combat Mission, weapons of many sorts are modeled.

Personal Weapons

Personal weapons are weapons designed to be used by a single infantryman. In CMBN, personal weapons include:

  • pistols
  • carbines
  • rifles
  • submachineguns
  • light machineguns
  • panzerfausts

For details, see the articles on American Personal Weapons and German Personal Weapons.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons are weapons requiring deployment and usually at least two men to operate. In CMBN, heavy weapons include:

  • medium and heavy machineguns
  • bazookas and panzershrecks
  • light mortars (mortars of 82 mm or less)

For details, see the articles on American Heavy Weapons and German Heavy Weapons.


Guns are large caliber weapons capable of direct fire.

  • anti-tank guns
  • infantry guns
  • artillery (see below)
  • vehicle-based (see below)

For details on non-vehicle, crew-served guns, see the articles on American Guns and German Guns.


Artillery are guns used for indirect support fire. Artillery in Combat Mission is usually off-board.

  • heavy mortars (mortars of 107 mm or more)
  • howitzers/guns
  • rockets
  • naval guns

For details, see the articles on American Artillery and German Artillery.


Armed vehicles usually carry a main gun, and one or more medium or heavy machineguns.

  • tanks
  • tank destroyers
  • self-propelled guns
  • armored cars
  • halftracks
  • wheeled vehicles
  • unarmored vehicles

For details, see the articles on American Vehicles and German Vehicles.


Air support is modeled in Combat Mission. Airplanes used in the ground-support role carry bombs, rockets, light cannons, and/or machineguns. For details, see the articles on American Air and German Vehicles.

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